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Thank you for stopping by. The focus is photography taken during our travels. My hope is that an image or two will catch your eye or entice you to visit a place you see here.

I've also included a new category of screen captures taken while enjoying my hobby of computer flight simulation. As a real world pilot I found that flying smaller aircraft didn't satisfy my love for aviation. Computer flying allows me to operate complex aircraft and travel meaningful distances. I use actual procedures, flown in real time under current weather conditions, often with on line air traffic control. Flight planning includes weather, winds aloft, routing, fuel load, weight and balance, etc.. I have logged over 2,500 hours including 1,000+ hours as a B767 captain with Delta Virtual Air Lines ( but fly all the aircraft you see here. Flights have been world-wide.

Please bookmark the site and drop by occasionally as the categories are updated. Also feel free to leave a comment if you see something you particularly like, or if you have a question. Enjoy the visit and thanks again!

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